Six Word Saturday: Longing To Spread Our Wings Again

A Brown Pelican shows his considerable wing-span as he takes off on a fishing trip.

Because of this pesky virus, it’s been far too long that we’ve been confined to our immediate surroundings. I’m feeling cautiously hopeful that with the vaccine roll outs, we might once again be able to ‘spread our wings’ and fly away to see far-flung family. The last time we saw my mom–in-law in England, she was only 106. This year she turns 108, so as you can imagine we’re really hoping we’ll be able to visit her this summer.

Wishing you all a splendid weekend. To join in Debbie’s ‘Six Word Saturday’, just click the link.

60 comments on “Six Word Saturday: Longing To Spread Our Wings Again

  1. Wow 108! She will be in the news soon. I was hoping to go back for my dads 90th in October but seems more and more unlikely. Australia will soon be a forgotten country, just a memory

  2. Hoping to see grandkids someday. It’s been a long stretch… they’ll likely be two years older. I’m sure you’re equally anxious to see yours, too! Nice shot of that amazing wingspan!

  3. This virus has not stopped me, Sylvia, from living life. I have a strong immune system that protects me just as it has all of my life. As for your MIL being 108(!), I cannot even imagine! Just wow!! Beautiful capture!! Go ahead and spread your wings and fly high! xo

  4. Wingtips crossed for you, Sylvia!

    We went to an outdoor Antique Fair on Saturday (in Arcadia). I only lasted 40 minutes ~ too many people jostling around the sidewalks for my comfort levels. So we left and went to Dakin Farms to feed the goats! πŸ˜€

  5. WOW! Wings outspread – your were at the right time and right place to capture this brilliant photo. I share your hope that you will be able to see your mother-in-law this coming year. She will be so pleased to know that Chris is an accomplished pianist now! Your posts always give a joyful lift to my day. Thank you so much – sending hugs and more hugs your way.

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