One Word Sunday: Vertiginous

Debbie’s ‘One Word’ this Sunday is ‘Vertiginous’. I found several photos which fitted the bill perfectly, but decided on this view of The Alps, taken on our flight from Venice to London in 2011. We all haven’t been looking out of airplane windows for quite some time, so I thought this might bring back some fond memories of once upon a time when we travelled with impunity.

I hope your weekend is going well. We are grateful to have received our second Moderna shot last Wednesday, so just say the word and we’ll be off on our travels. Nothing’s ever simple though, is it?

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65 comments on “One Word Sunday: Vertiginous

  1. Your photo does bring back memories of the first time I flew over the Alps. I couldn’t stop looking out the window.
    It’s great that you have had your vaccine already πŸ™‚
    Still waiting for mine here in SA …

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  3. This is amazing and beautiful photograph dear Sylvia, memories falling in my mind too… Thank you, and also I am so glad to hear that you had your second shot too. I hope and wish it works. We will have our second shot the end of the month. Love, nia

  4. What a great shot! Hope you’re feeling better as I hear the second bone can hit people hard. We’re almost there … can see the light at the end of the tunnel πŸ™‚

  5. What a stunning view from the plane window…those were the days! Good to know you have had your vaccine, now all roads lead to Rome…..or where ever!

  6. The photo makes me happy, but I’m not so happy reading about the reactions to the shot. My parents and I get our second Moderna shots on Wednesday and my husband will finally get his first on Thursday. Of course I’ve also read about people not having any more reaction than a sore arm, so we’ll hope for the best. As you both said, it’s worth it and hopefully we’ll be looking out of airplane windows sooner rather than later.


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