One Word Sunday: Handy

For Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday ‘Handy’, I remembered this photo taken in April, of my 107-year-old Mom-in-law showing off her nail do for Saint George’s Day. if you zoom in, you will see the ‘St George’s Flag painted on two of her nails. She is sitting in her beautiful room at the care home where she now resides, having moved there only at the grand old age of 105. Up in the left hand corner of the photo is a tapestry of Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘Blue Boy’ which Kathleen did a few years ago. Those hands were very handy with a needle and thread back in the day. The most ambitious tapestry she did is Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ which has pride of place over her fireplace.

Hands are very handy things and here she is on her 105th birthday, using her thumbs to express her positive attitude to life.

We just chatted on the phone today, and when asked how she was, she replied as she always does, “Well, until someone tells me I’m not okay, I’ll assume I’m just fine.”

Wishing you all a splendid Sunday. To join in Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’, just click the link.

56 comments on “One Word Sunday: Handy

  1. What an amazing woman, at an amazing age! You could do a bit of a ”pen sketch” of her life, I’m always interested in the lives of people who are exceptional…and she certainly is!

  2. Sylvia – this post gave me goosebumps, especially when I went back to your post for your mother-in-law’s 101st birthday. Her face holds the enthusiasm and joy of youth and her eyes the wisdom of a life well lived. I’m going to keep her motto: “Well, until someone tells me I’m not okay, I’ll assume I’m just fine.” Have a wonderful day – thank you for adding joyful energy to my day. Hugs and more hugs!

  3. How wonderful to celebrate the 107th Birthday, in style with great nails. She is wonderful! Glad you can at least talk on the phone for a chat. All the very best to your mum in law!

  4. 107?? Wow what a life! This quote is a hoot “Well, until someone tells me I’m not okay, I’ll assume I’m just fine.” Great tribute to her. Best, Babsje

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