One Word Sunday: Closed

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday-Closed’ brought to mind something rather interesting we saw In Buenos Aires whilst on a river cruise.

The Sarmiento House is a National Historic Monument and is the exceedingly modest abode built of wood, is where former Argentinian President Domingo Sarmiento chose to live for over thirty years with his family after his time in office until his death in in1888. This museum stands on the bank of La Plata River and was enclosed in glass to preserve it against the elements.

This photo was taken in 2017 from our boat. It certainly looked very closed and I couldn’t see how anyone could get inside that glass case, but apparently it is visited every weekend by thousands of tourists, although I’m sure that COVID has changed all that for the time being.

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One Word Sunday: Exhibit

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ for this week is ‘Exhibit’. I’m a bit tardy with my contribution, as my mind is on our forthcoming trip to South Africa in early October.

I’ve chosen this exhibit which I saw at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The original bronze sculpture lies in the Cimitero Evangelico degli Allori on the outskirts of Florence. Elizabeth Boott Duveneck 1846-1888 was the beloved wife of the American painter Frank Duvenek.

I think this is one of the most peaceful funerary monuments that I’ve ever seen and obviously was created with so much love. Her calm facial features, the beautiful folds of her covering and the palm branch draped across her body, I found very moving. A lovely ‘Exhibit’.

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One Word Sunday: Rest

The theme for Debbie’s One Word Sunday this week is ‘Rest’. I think that there is nothing quite so indicative of restfulness as a sleeping feline. Cats seem to have really aced the art of doing nothing, whilst still looking absolutely gorgeous.

My daughter’s cat Ravioli, loves to nap, anywhere, anytime,

Whilst visiting Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West, we saw many of the descendants of his six-toed cats at rest. This one curled up in the master bedroom,

whilst this ginger and white had chosen a sunny spot in the gift shop window.

Of course, the king of cats effortlessly managed to look regal whilst napping just across from our safari vehicle in Johannesburg South Africa.

Speaking of South Africa, hubby and i have booked our flights over to visit family and friends there in October. Very exciting indeed. Our daughter and Ravioli are beside themselves with joy.

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