One Word Sunday: Rest

The theme for Debbie’s One Word Sunday this week is ‘Rest’. I think that there is nothing quite so indicative of restfulness as a sleeping feline. Cats seem to have really aced the art of doing nothing, whilst still looking absolutely gorgeous.

My daughter’s cat Ravioli, loves to nap, anywhere, anytime,

Whilst visiting Ernest Hemingway’s house in Key West, we saw many of the descendants of his six-toed cats at rest. This one curled up in the master bedroom,

whilst this ginger and white had chosen a sunny spot in the gift shop window.

Of course, the king of cats effortlessly managed to look regal whilst napping just across from our safari vehicle in Johannesburg South Africa.

Speaking of South Africa, hubby and i have booked our flights over to visit family and friends there in October. Very exciting indeed. Our daughter and Ravioli are beside themselves with joy.

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45 comments on “One Word Sunday: Rest

  1. I’m so pleased that you are able to go and see your daughter, and I look forward to your photos and impressions when you return home. Lovely cats, and one beautiful lion!

  2. I am beyond excited for you, Sylvia. At long last, you will be making the trip that seemed never to come. Have a wonderful time and take many photos. Will be looking forward to tagging along on your adventures. As for cats, they are an advanced species, with nine lives and a brilliant understanding of humans. I LOVE them. Dear Ernest! I think his cats helped him write his books.

    • Thanks so much, dear Rebecca. You’re so welcome to tag along with us. 🤗I agree with your definition of cats. They’re certainly an advanced species and far more laid back than most humans. I’m imagining Ernest surrounded by his many cats, as he typed out his manuscripts. 😅 I know that Ravioli loves to be right next to my daughter whilst she’s working on her computer and often inserts herself in the filing tray or even on the keyboard if she’s not getting enough attention.

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