One Word Sunday: Rock

Debbie’s One Word Sunday Challenge this week, is ‘Rock’. As some of my blog followers may remember, I am now in South Africa after a two and a half year absence. We started off in Johannesburg for a week with our daughter and son-in-law, then drove down to the coast to Umhlanga Rocks, the seaside town where we used to live. As its name suggests, there are many rocks along the shoreline.

Some of the rocks are rather large.

My favourite lighthouse has been warning ships off these rocks since 1954.

The sad news is that so far, I haven’t been able to walk along the promenade to see the lighthouse up close, as my left hip which has been giving me problems for quite some time now, has finally decided it needs replacing. Tuesday is the day when this will happen, so I may be absent for a little while. I’m very grateful to have found a highly recommended surgeon here to do the deed. See you all soon.

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85 comments on “One Word Sunday: Rock

  1. Oh my! Wishing you great results from the surgery. Sometimes living to a ripe old age isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but I keep telling myself it could be worse! I’m struggling with the eyes starting to let me down and because of Covid it’s getting difficult to schedule any needed surgery. Can you imagine ME without functioning eyes. I will just have to store all those images in my aging brain somehow…. ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค“
    Again…. sending loads of good wishes!

    • Thanks so much, Gunta. Iโ€™ve also had more than my fair share of eye problems, but thankful for the technology available to repair my macular holes. My grandmother was blind by the time she reached my age. ๐Ÿ˜ณMy post op hip is doing well and Iโ€™m dutifully doing my physio exercises. My sister and her husband were amazed see how well I was getting around when they visited us yesterday. Iโ€™m one determined gal. Nothingโ€™s going to get me down. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‘ฏ

      • ๐Ÿ‘ Keep up the good work! I fractured an ankle very badly back in 2010. It needed surgery with metal pins inserted… I am amazed at how (thanks very much to physio) the ankle is as good as (or better) than before! Amazing technology indeed! ๐Ÿค—

  2. I am late to this post and the hip surgery has taken place with great success. Lighthouses are my go-to symbol for compassion, strength, safety and solitude. Thank you for featuring the lighthouse.

  3. Oh, Sylvia, I’m so sorry your long awaited visit is accompanied by this… however I am sure it’ll all be fine shortly, so here’s to your promenade to the lighthouse… soon!
    Sending my very best wishes!

  4. So many people I know have had hip replacements and they’re done just brilliantly. I do hope you don’t have to wait too long for your op. All I can say is that everyone is having to wait an excessively long time in the UK for anything medical, especially on the NHS. Others are going abroad to countries where its cheaper to go private than here. It sounds as if the surgeons have their act in order in Umhlanga. Wishing you all the best for your op and for a speedy recovery.

    • Well, my op is tomorrow, only ten days since my GP sent me for X-rays. The hospital is very new and they have been COVID free for 3 months. Iโ€™m very lucky that we have good medical insurance here. Thanks for your good wishes, Sarah.

  5. So sorry about your hip, Sylvia, are you having it done here in SA?
    It’s a very successful operation.
    oh and I love Umhlanga rocks. There used to be a caravan park there and we would holiday there when I was a child

  6. Beautiful views and I can imagine how happy you are to see them again. My husband had a hip replacement some years ago and was so happy he did. Prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery.


  7. Dear Sylvia. Wishing you an excellent surgery and the best possible outcome with minimal discomfort! Fingers crossed that you’ll be tripping the light fantastic in record time. โค Best, Babsje

  8. I had hip a replacement 9 years ago (it was damaged during vehicle accident years earlier). It has been amazing ever since. No pain and as good as the original equipment! Too bad you have to do this while on holidays, but you will feel a lot better.

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that you will be having surgery instead of enjoying your family and friends back home. I hope everything goes well and that you will be as good as new soon.

  10. Hi Sylvia!

    A very fitting theme for where you currently are. I’m so happy for you that you finally managed to return to your home country and see family. These current times have been very challenging for that. Like you, I managed to return to Belgium for a visit this past summer. It had been three years since I saw my loved ones and friends!

    Wishing you a smooth operation and speedy recovery on Tuesday!!

  11. Sylvia, wishing you the very best for your hip replacement and that it will be healing well. So you can walk along the beach to that lighthouse. Big hugs Ute xxx โ™ฅ

      • My best tip, which was given to me and I have passed on many times, is to do your exercises however hard they are to begin with. Also, for friends within reach, I buy them a kitchen timer! Remembering to move very 40 minutes is key to recovery. If you were closer I would be getting you one! All the best. xx

      • Thanks for the tips. My physio will be seeing me before I go home and Iโ€™m sure Iโ€™ll get lots of good advice. If I was actually at home, I have two kitchen timers, but as weโ€™re in a rented apartment here, Iโ€™ll rely on my smart watch to tell be when to get up. Iโ€™m not one for sitting down for too long anyway. ๐Ÿ˜…

  12. Sylvia, how lovely to be in South Africa after a two and a half year absence…I can’t help but envy you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the visit, and I’ll stalk your blog to hear about news from home. Best! xx

  13. Iโ€™m sorry to hear about your hip, Sylvia. Iโ€™ll keep you in my prayers for a quick recovery. Iโ€™m glad you have plenty of family to help you. Take care.โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  14. Hi Sylvia, how frustrating for you to have to deal with this when you are in South Africa to visit friends and family. Best wishes for the op. and I hope you will be walking along the sand…. towards the lighthouse, very soon.

  15. *Sigh* When I saw ‘Rock’ I was hoping for a least one video from AC/DC.
    Wishing all the best for your hip replacement.
    Will we be welcoming back the ‘Bionic Sylvia’?

      • It’s a real pain in the backside to realise we are not quite as invincible as we once thought.

        I damaged my left ankle quite badly in a bike accident many moons ago. Certain changes in the weather sometimes cause me to hop about like the accident was yesterday. Most annoying.

        Is your surgeon down there or up here in Jo’burg?

      • Yes, weather can have an effect on past injuries. Apparently I have no cartilage left at all between the bones. No wonder itโ€™s been so painful. If it werenโ€™t for COVID, weโ€™d have been back last year, as our medical aid is here. Anyway, we made it over as soon as we could. Not much of a holiday though. ๐Ÿ˜…

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