One Word Sunday: Shadowy

Debbie’s theme for this Sunday is ‘Shadowy’. It’s almost eleven years since we visited Pompeii and walked down this shadowy, cobbled street, which until around noon on August 24th, 79 AD would have been bustling with Roman chariots and people hurrying to and fro about their business. On that fateful day, Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted, burying the city under a sixty foot blanket of hot ash and pumice. It stayed like that until it was discovered and excavated in the eighteenth century.

A photo can bring back so many memories and I feel very fortunate to have been able to visit this historic site. If you would like to add a ‘shadowy’ photo of your own, just click the link.

47 comments on “One Word Sunday: Shadowy

  1. It’s amazing how even thousands of years later this single event can still
    ‘erupt’ in the minds and hearts of people throughout the world.
    The perfect photo for this to happen! Great post Sylvia!

  2. I was there many, many years ago in the mid-seventies and although I don’t remember nearly everything, I remember being so impressed by it and this photo does bring back memories.


  3. “A photo can bring back so many memories”
    That is SO very true… that must have been quite the amazing experience.
    Makes me wonder what shadows we’ll be leaving behind. 🤔

  4. A brilliant capture, Sylva that reminds me of the history that is recorded in that place. This photo epitomizes the word “shadowy.” Sending hugs from my side of the world.

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