Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Blue Herons Can Jump


‘Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge’ is about those photos we take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category, but we just can’t hit delete because they have about them a certain odd ball quality which we rather like.

Great Blue Herons are really wonderful to watch. They have such poise and are so graceful in flight. I had to laugh at this one who decided to investigate the neighbour’s patio across the water. He hopped up onto the barbecue, and then just launched himself across to the table.


He then stepped onto the back of the chair and jumped back again. Very ‘odd ball’ behaviour indeed. I think that the bright sunlight and the reflections in the window give this last photo especially, a kind of bizarrely ethereal odd ball quality?


Hope your week is going well. I’m off to the dentist this morning to get a naughty tooth fixed.