Fish on Fry-day

It’s been a while since I reported on our fish community. We’ve had a death in the fishy family, which was most unexpected. Silver Streak, the show-off Koi, a real shining star when it came to doing laps in our pond, was MIA one morning at feeding time.


As the pond is inside our screen-room, there was no possibility that he’d been carried away by one of the many birds in our backyard, so we were thoroughly mistified as to where he’d vanished to. Hubby had a feel under the rock where they go to sleep at night and have siestas in the afternoon, but found nothing. A couple of days passed and then he spotted something glinting in the rockery surrounding the pond. It was the stiff and lifeless body of Silver Streak, who had obviously taken a corner at breakneck speed and flipped himself right out of the water, landing underneath a Bromeliad. His cries for help went unheard, and he’d expired forthwith. Hubby had to throw him in the lake, which, I suppose, is the equivalent of us having a burial at sea.

Blue Flash, the other koi seemed very lonely without his mate, so we bought a new friend for him to race with. I named him Shadow, partly because he’s grey and also because he stuck so close to his mentor for the first few days whilst he got used to his new surroundings. I guess the pond seemed positively palatial after the small tank in the pet shop and even more so after the plastic bag he rode home in.


Five of the six goldfish are doing splendidly and have grown quite fat. Marilyn, with her red lips and blonde head and tail, is especially greedy. She nudges other fish out of the way as she sashays around, making sure she gets more than her fair share of food.


Poor little Freddie, the smallest goldfish isn’t doing too well. He’s not as active as his friends, and spends a lot of time down amongst the plant pots, just dreaming the day away.


When he does appear, he swims sideways, as you can see in my first photo. He doesn’t have much of a tail and his fins are very sparse, so he can’t wiggle his butt and flap his fins like Marilyn and her admirers. He just seems to drift around like a boat without a rudder. Occasionally he makes a supreme effort to right himself in order to get some of the fish flakes before they’re all snaffled up by the others, but as soon as he gets bumped in the fray, he does a nose-dive down to the bottom and it’s a while before he can gather enough strength to get back up again. I feel so sorry for him and wish I could crochet him a set of fins and a long swishy tail, but hubby says that probably wouldn’t work. I keep hoping that one day his fins will grow and he’ll be fat and strong like all the others.


Wishing you all a great and very happy weekend. Tomorrow night we’re going out with friends for Sushi, but please don’t tell that to my fish.




WPC Transformation: A Fishy Tale

Our outdoor area has been undergoing a transformation lately, since we had the new screen room installed.  Some of you may remember my photos of iguanas sunning themselves on a pile of rocks around a defunct pond.


It was also a favourite perch for Samantha squirrel to eat her breakfast.


The occasional visit from the otter family also made for good entertainment value.


This was all well and good for the wildlife, but not a very pretty sight from my kitchen window, so hubby tackled the job of improving the aesthetics. First thing was to rebuild the waterfall and install a new pump.


After much thought and hard work, it took shape and the transformation began to look rather pretty.


The next thing to do was buy a few little fishies for the pond. We adopted six goldfish and two koi and have also grown some lotus from seeds, which seem to be doing quite well. The two koi are named Blue Flash and Silver Streak. The orangest goldfish is Donnie of course, and the others I can’t tell apart except for little Freddie who is the smallest and least sociable. Whilst the koi show off as they race up and down the pond doing laps, the goldfish mostly paddle around together in a jolly group. Poor little Freddie however, just keeps to himself and hides between the plant pots. I sit on the bench and call him to come and play but to no avail. I hope he’ll be okay but only time will tell.


The keeper of the pond is Ali, who we found hiding out at our local nursery. Because he’s so scary, his presence is very effective at making sure that all the inhabitants behave themselves.


We also have two toads on lookout duty from the edge of the waterfall. Warty and Rocky may not look very menacing but I can assure you that they stand for no nonsense.


Little Sammy would love to pop in and join the fun, but has to make do with peering in from  the outside of the screen.


This is a bit late for the WPC ‘Transformation’, but better late than never.

Hope you’re all having a splendid week. I’ll keep you updated on Freddie if he ever shows his little face again. I’m not hopeful.





Mr. Pelly Back In Winter Residence

Glancing out of the window this morning at breakfast, I was super excited to see that our first Pelican had arrived after a long summer absence. He was all alone on his branch, having a jolly good preen.


After quite a lot of effort, he sat back, well satisfied with his appearance. “Wow, look at me now! Even after that long flight from up north, not a feather out of place.”


I’m sure he’d been sent down in advance to check that the trees were still intact after Hurricane Irma passed through Florida in September, and he’s most probably already sent a Whatsapp to the rest of the gang, reporting that all is well.  I’m hoping that I’ll soon see more of these gorgeous birds decorating the branches.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


Travel Theme: Four Brown Pelicans

Four Brown Pelis perched up high in the swaying branches.


I’ve often marvelled at how they keep their balance and even manage to sleep standing on a branch. Surely it must be exhausting having to hold on so tightly so as not to fall. Well, apparently their talons have a pulley system of tendons so that the bird’s foot closes and grasps automatically as the ankle and knee joints are bent. They can only release their grip once the limb is straightened, so instead of having to expend energy holding on for dear life, as we humans would if we were clinging to a branch, a bird’s magical system simply locks their talons in place. How cool is that?

Have a great Sunday. If you want to see more ‘Fours’, just visit Ailsa’s Travel Theme here.





Surprise in the Garden for Jude’s Challenge

Yesterday I went scouting in the garden hoping to get a few successful macros for Jude’s ‘Garden Photography…..Get a little closer challenge’.

A couple of Hibiscus flowers had come out overnight. This brilliant red outside my bathroom window is my favourite.


The golden one belongs to my neighbour, but they’re away overseas so I snuck a photo  without treading on their garden….well almost.


The Bougainvillea is in full bloom now.


Rounding the corner next to our garage, I got such a pleasant surprise to see that the bare stick of an orchid which hubby brought over from the other house and had tied to a palm tree a few months ago, was once again flaunting healthy, fat buds; seven of them. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the flowers as they develop. I’m sure they will be exquisite, that’s if the iguanas don’t eat them. I read that they’re very partial to orchids. Fingers crossed.


I’m off to sweep some sawdust now, whilst hubby’s out buying yet more timber.

Happy Wednesday to you all.



My Sunday Photo: Ramses and Nefertari

Ramses and Nefertari, two fine examples of Egyptian Geese, showed up in my backyard yesterday.

“Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Walk like an Egyptian.”


I could also link this to Jude’s ‘March Wildlife Garden Photography Challenge’, but maybe she’s getting tired of seeing so many of my visitors. 🙂

Wishing you all a sunny Sunday.