One Word Sunday: Overlap

Debbie’s‘One Word Sunday’ theme, ‘Overlap’, made me think of one of my sister Yvonne’s beautiful African paintings. I love the way the colours and textures overlap one another. This was still on her easel, so maybe there was more overlapping to be done.


Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

One Word Sunday: Layered

For Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday Layered’, I give you the majestic Mr GBH, a bird of many layers.


Wishing you all a wonderful month of December.

One Word Sunday: Famous

Debbie, over at ‘Travel With Intent’ has a ‘One Word Sunday’ challenge. This week’s subject must be ‘Famous’.

I’ve chosen the famous Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex located in Granada. The name Alhambra means ‘the red castle’ and it’s the second most visited site in Europe.

This courtyard is known as ‘The Court Of The Myrtles’.


It was such a pleasure to wander around the many enchanting gardens and fountains.

My enduring memory is of a very elegant and inviting place.

This magnificent complex also has a breathtaking view over the whole city.


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