Happy Birthday Memories

Today would have been my darling Mom’s 91st. I remember how excited I was last year to be travelling to South Africa to be at her 90th birthday party.


Family and friends surrounded her with love, and although her dementia meant she wasn’t really too aware of what was happening, we all rallied round and made it a really happy day. Little did we know that she would leave us only three months later.


Our sweet granddaughter Taylor was born on her great-grandma’s birthday, so in a way, they are forever bound together. I remember only three years ago when mom came to stay with us in our beach house for her 88th birthday, and we all chatted on Skype for Taylor’s 4th birthday. It’s so good to remember the happy times we had together


Mom loved nature and when we took her out, she would always remark on the beauty which she saw around her. She especially loved birds and butterflies, and when I woke up this morning, I received a WhatsApp message from my sister who lives very close to where mom lived and died; “Big butterfly in garden this morning. I think Mom’s come by to say hello!”


Happy Birthday to two very special people.

Wishing you all a lovely Thursday.





Birthday celebrations in triplicate

Yesterday was the BIG day, and my darling Mom’s 90th Birthday party was a great success. My sister had organised balloons, a huge chocolate birthday cake and a very yummy snack platter. Mom’s 92-year-old best friend Marj, had rounded up some of her old friends from the church she used to attend, and of course the family were there in force, with cards and presents as well as hugs and kisses for mom. The weather was perfect and we sat outside under the trees which were shedding their tiny, dry leaves all over the food and especially the cake, so my sister spent quite a lot of time blowing the leaves off of it.

All the time we were eating and chatting, a merry band of monkeys were swinging in the tree branches, waiting for a chance to swoop down and steal some snacks. After a while, they decided that there were too many vigilant, hungry people around, so they went to play on BiL’s car instead.


My mom shares her birthday with her youngest great-granddaughter Taylor, who turned 6-years-old. She phoned to thank us for her new scooter, and we had a lovely chat with our son too.

In the evening, we and our daughter went across the road for sushi, her very favourite food.


Today was my sister’s birthday, so she came down to spend a few hours with us and we all had delicious Italian Bruschetta for brunch, and did some shopping, before taking our daughter to the airport. What a great few days we’ve had with friends and family.

I have to say that I’ve not been feeling too well since we arrived here, but of course I had to just keep going because of all the festivities and family visits. I’m sure you’ve all been in a similar situation at some time. This morning I woke up with a bad cold, and when I opened my mouth to speak I discovered that my voice had completely disappeared. I think I must have picked up a virus either on the London tube trains, or on one of the two overnight plane journeys, so I’m grateful to have a couple of days to just collapse in a heap and hopefully recover before the weekend.

Sorry I haven’t been around the blogs much. Life has been rather hectic, but I promise I’ll visit you when I get a chance.