9/11 Memorial and Museum Visit

On Friday morning, we were up very early to travel into the city with our son. His office is situated in the beautiful Brookfield Place Waterfront Plaza, and we had breakfast together downstairs in the elegant lobby area which is all marble and palm trees, and decorated with beautiful flowers.




Our table had a lovely view across the Hudson River. If you zoom in on this picture, you’ll see the 50-foot-wide Colgate clock, considered to be the largest clock in the world, which was built in 1924 and now stands on a vacant lot just to the left of the Goldman Sachs Tower.


After breakfast, hubby and I walked across to the 9/11 Memorial Park. The soaring white-winged World Trade Centre Transit Hub designed by Spanish-born architect Santiago Calatrava to convey the feeling of a bird released into the air with steel wings poised for takeoff,  is a marvel of engineering, and serves partly as a monument to the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.


It overlooks two vast granite-lined Memorial pools and waterfalls, set within the footprints of the ‘Twin Towers’, and around which are engraved the names of all those who lost their lives. The memorial was opened for the tenth anniversary of the Sept. 2001 attacks.


Our visit to the Memorial Museum was a very moving experience. Although there were many visitors, there was an eerie silence as everyone respectfully moved past the exhibits, taking in the full horror of the happenings of that day. Photography was not allowed in some parts, but here are photos of just some of the sculptures, artwork and memorabilia  which really caught my attention.











As I walked out into the Spring sunshine, I was remembering that Tuesday almost  fifteen years ago, when at our gym in South Africa, I’d seen the footage on TV of the terrible happenings in New York. The sound was turned off, so at first I didn’t comprehend what I was witnessing, thinking it was maybe a movie trailer. A few minutes later when I got a cell phone message from our son who had been living and working in Manhattan for almost two years, saying that I mustn’t worry as he was okay, I realised what had transpired. How grateful I was that he was safely at his desk in Midtown and didn’t have a meeting at his company’s office in the Twin Towers that morning. Thousands of other people weren’t so fortunate.