Wildlife in the Garden: A bit of green for St. Patrick’s Day

I never know what will be ‘on stage’ when I pull up my bathroom blind. It may be a cute Sammy squirrel, a not so cute Ali Baba ‘gator, or a green scaly monster of the ‘Ig’ family. Can you see what I’m referring to?


I don’t think this was Iggy, as I’m pretty sure it’s female, and it’s much bigger than Igua, so let’s call this one Ignatia.


For a female, she’s no Cinderella, as she really does have ‘Ugly Sister’ feet, with five very long toes with sharp claws on the ends. How would you fancy this creeping in through your bathroom window?


I went outside to get a better look. Yes, definitely a visitor on a large ‘scale’. (Pardon the pun.) The Green Iguana is one of the largest lizards in the Americas, averaging about 6.5 feet, including that very long tail.


I’m really thankful that hubby opted for a non-opening window for my bathroom.This is definitely not the ideal bathing buddy.


Hope you enjoyed my bit of green for St. Paddy’s Day. Have a great one.

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