WPC: Grid work in our ‘abandoned’ house

The Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Grid’ is an opportunity for me to show you some of the work hubby has done in the main bedroom of the ‘abandoned house’ we bought last year.


He had what was to my mind, the rather ambitious idea of creating a barrel ceiling, and has done so all by himself with the help of equipment he bought over the internet. First he designed a template and then manufactured a wooden grid, which he erected underneath the existing ceiling.


He then hoisted up the drywall ceiling boards onto the grid, and screwed them in place.


It didn’t take him too long, but was a lot of work for one person. He then had to spackle over the joins, and sand it all by hand. I have a selfie he sent me, with his whole face and head covered in white plaster dust, which I’m tempted to show you, but maybe he wouldn’t appreciate it. It’s pretty scary. 🙂


He put up the fancy mouldings along the sides and ordered flexible curved ones for the ends. When they arrived, he was taken by  surprise by how heavy they were, weighing 68 lbs each, so he had to devise a way of getting them up there. With the aid of two cardboard boxes and the hoist, he managed to do it, but described the experience as single-handedly attempting to nail two 16ft dead pythons to the ceiling.


Well, all his efforts have paid off and now all that’s left to do is to paint the whole thing. He says that’s the easy part.


He’s now on a roll, and wants to do the same ceiling in the dining room. I’m so glad I don’t have to live in the house whilst he’s doing the remodelling work, but he’s enjoying himself immensely.

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House renovation update and another neighbour.

Some of you are eager to know how the work on our ‘abandoned house’ is progressing. Hubby has been there almost every day, with his flask of coffee and cool box containing bottled spring water. I do allow him to pop home for lunch, and also to take time off to go to the gym. He’s really been working hard, and informs me that he’s lost 7 lbs since he started, which is not a bad thing.

Two huge dumpsters have been filled with all sorts of delightful stuff such as mouldy dry wall, floor tiles and rotten kitchen and bathroom units……oh yes, and a dead rat. (Sorry but I didn’t get a photo.) You may remember that most of the walls looked like this. The bees are now gone from inside the roof, which is a relief.


The ceilings needed a bit of work too.


Sixty seven sheets of dry wall were delivered last week, and they’re going up quite quickly.


How he manages to put up ceiling board on his own, is beyond me, but it can be done, and here’s the proof.


The walls are gradually getting closed up again.


Do you remember the old treadmill which had to be disposed of?


We put it out on the sidewalk for the heavy trash guys to take away, but before they came, it had disappeared. The next day, hubby was out in the garden and saw it hidden in the bushes on the next door property. The people were away on holiday at the time. Luckily it had gone before they came back.

This week, we put out an old iron bath.


Only two minutes later it had vanished into thin air, so hubby decided to put out the kitchen sink too, which also magically dematerialised in no time flat. The heavy trash guys hadn’t been, so we didn’t know who had taken them, until the next door neighbour appeared at the front door, wanting to know how this awful old bath and sink had got into his front yard. Apparently his gardener had seized the opportunity to grab our stuff, and had dumped it in the garden until his transport arrived. Luckily the neighbour has a good sense of humour.

We’ve been out looking at hardwood flooring and also tiles for the bathrooms, and have just received some really nice samples of flooring through the mail. Deciding which one to go for, is the most difficult part, as there are so many to choose from, but we’re almost there. This is going to be a long project, so don’t hold your breath to see the finished house. I’ll do some updates when there’s anything interesting to show you, but for now, it’s all pretty mundane stuff. We’ve ordered all new windows and sliding glass doors, which should be going in by January. Of course they all have to be double-glazed and hurricane proof, which makes them quite expensive, but “In for a penny, in for a pound” as the old saying goes, or maybe that should be “In for a cent, in for a dollar.”

Here’s another of our neighbours. We’ve been told that by December, there is usually a whole family of pelicans living in the tall trees just at the side of the lake. Oh bliss!