WPC: Admiration for hubby’s creativity

The Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Admiration’ invites us to depict something or someone that we admire. As many followers of this blog know, we bought an abandoned house a couple of years ago, and actually moved into it at the end of February. I know some of you are curious to know how the renovations are going, as except for the new roof and all new windows, hubby is doing everything himself.


The whole of the interior needed to be stripped out, as the house had been standing empty for about four years with the roof leaking in many places. The ceilings had begun to fall in and the not so ‘dry’ wall was full of black mold.


Hubby got rid of all the nasties, and filled three large dumpsters with the damaged ceiling and walls, plus flooring and bathroom and kitchen fittings. So far we now have three bedrooms, three bathrooms and the laundry completed, and what a transformation. My bathroom which used to look like this;


is now unrecognizable.


I really love my amazing Japanese soaking tub.


His adjoining bathroom has also undergone a transformation from this


to this.


The shower room is accessible from both our bathrooms.


The living area is still under construction, but we’re starting to see ‘the wood for the trees’ as it were. All the framing is done for the walls and ceilings.


Entrance hall

Hubby had planned on buying a kit for the domed ceiling, but when he came to place the order, found that for some unexplained reason, the company doesn’t deliver to Florida. Not a problem though; he just bought the plywood and made it up himself. I really admire the fact that when he sets his mind on something, he is never thwarted and can always make a plan.


Working on constructing a domed ceiling which will be over my piano.

Here is the barrel ceiling he created in the main bedroom. There will be another one in the dining room.


The TV/family room will have a decorative metal-panelled centre.


Frame for metal tray ceiling in TV/family room.

The kitchen will also have a similar feature.


Base for the metal tray ceiling in the kitchen.

I keep joking about not having a kitchen, (Those of you with a sharp eye, might have spotted a fridge/freezer standing in the entrance hall), but I know that before too long, that will also be completed. The one he did in our previous house was gorgeous, and the new owners are delighted with it.



He does everything himself, from construction to plumbing, electrics, tiling, painting, a/c ducting, etc.. I am full of admiration for his creativity, tenacity and sheer energy to just get on and do what he’s set his mind to do. Now I must go and do my bit and sweep some more sawdust.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday.

Balancing Acts for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life’s a great balancing act.”  ~ Dr Seuss

Ailsa has some great photos for her Travel Theme Balance this week. Here are a few of mine.

Woody wood stork obviously has a good head for heights and a great sense of balance.


I really admire the amazing ability to balance on a surf board when surrounded by huge waves.


This beach vendor in Umhlanga has a great sense of balance too.


I know some of you have seen this one before, but I cant resist popping it in for the theme. Balance doesn’t get much better than this, does it?


At the moment, hubby is doing his own balancing act up on the scaffold.


Now I’m off to balance a few weights at the gym. Wishing you all a perfectly balanced Tuesday.







New Home, New Neighbours

Today I finally had a few moments to take my camera and venture through the construction site which will one day be my living area,


to see what new neighbours I could find.

At first glance, there didn’t seem to be much going on out back. It just looked like a calm and peaceful scene.

DSCN7253A closer inspection through my lens however, revealed  many inhabitants of those pine trees. How many Pelicans can you spot?


One lazy Peli looked to be sleeping rather late today.


Away to the left, cute Mr. Iggy was on lookout duty in his bright orange waistcoat.


The dainty Miss Limpkin was busy examining the smorgasbord along the water’s edge. I read that Limpkins are particularly partial to apple snails, as well as insects and tadpoles. I hope she found something to her liking.


A couple of days ago, hubby spotted an alligator chatting to a tricolored heron across the water.  If he’s going to be a regular visitor, I guess he’ll have to have a name. I think I’ll called him Mr. AB (for Ali Baba), as there could never be another Mr. A in my life. He will always hold a special place in my heart, and if my friend was correct when I spoke to her at dinner last night, it sounds like he was caught by the trappers shortly after our move. That makes me very sad to think of him having his freedom taken away, and being driven away in the back of a truck with his mouth duct-taped shut.


On that sad note, I’ll wish you all a very happy weekend. My blogging should be back to normal next week.

P.S. Can someone please tell me how I switch my blog buddies’ e-mail notifications on again? I had to switch them off during the move, so I didn’t end up with hundreds of e-mails, but can’t for the life of me find the place to re-tick to reverse it. (Sometimes it’s really such a pain being blonde.)


The perfect day, not forgetting Home Depot.

So, yesterday being 50 years since hubby and I first laid eyes on one another, we decided to make it special by going out to lunch at Old Key Lime House which sits right on the Intracoastal.


What a great place to dine this is, with beautiful views across the water and a really casual Florida atmosphere.


I sipped my Sangria and hubby his Sam Adams, and we chatted about the time we first met and how our relationship developed over those first few weeks. We were absolutely besotted with one another, and happily still are.


The food and service was excellent. I chose the shrimp and crab stuffed Mahi Mahi. which was so delicious.


We did have a slice of  the scrumptious Key Lime Pie between us, but had eaten it all before I remembered that I’d forgotten to take a photo. Anyway, it tasted even better than it looked.

This was our first visit, but we enjoyed it so much that it’s going to be one of our favourite eating venues from now on. On the way out, I couldn’t resist having my photo taken with these two characters.


Of course, hubby had had to take a day off from the house renovations, but all was not lost, as he did manage to fit in a visit to Home Depot and we also went to Tile and Decor to choose my bathroom tiles and trim. On the way home we stopped off to look at granite for the bathroom vanities. All in all, it was a most successful day.

I wish you all a splendid weekend. With any luck we may get some rain this evening. The clouds look very promising. Don’t you agree?


Broken, but still Picture-Perfect: for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is ‘Broken’. Some things are really photogenic when they’re broken and in ruins, and millions of tourist every year, pay good money to visit them and take endless photos like these.

The Colosseum, one of Italy’s most treasure landmarks, was completed in 80 AD, and has been crumbling for many centuries.


I wonder if the labourers who built it, ever imagined that their efforts would one day look like this.  I’m sure that those unfortunate people who perished here, would be astonished to know that, way in the future, it would be such a popular tourist attraction.


There is so much ‘broken’ stuff in Rome, and I was quite happy to walk my legs off, in order to see as much of it as possible.


Do you also have a love affair with ruined buildings and broken stuff? If so, you may want to join in Ailsa’s challenge this week.

Oh yes, before I go, here’s a dumpster full of broken stuff outside our ‘abandoned house’. This is the second one that hubby has filled! He’s certainly been having a smashing time. 🙂