Benches fit for a Zulu Palace

Jude’s October bench series is almost over, so I’m going to show you a whole lot of benches  with things on, to be found at the amazing Ammazulu African Palace Hotel where we stayed for a few days in September.


Every bench was different, both the carving and the cushions.


This place was truly a bench addict’s dream.


I went around the place, avidly snapping up benches for all I was worth. Had to take this one from the other side of the gallery.


What an absolute bench bonanza!


I wonder where the owner and designer of this palatial hotel, found so many beautiful benches.


I think this one looks even better from above, flanked by the two of the forty exquisite, beaded and mosaiced pillars, which dominated this stunning creation.


Out on our balcony which overlooked the picturesque Kloof Gorge, there were three more benches.


Are you benched out yet, Jude?


I’m sure there were even more benches there to which I didn’t have access. Maybe next time.

You have only one more day to post your benches for Jude, which are occupied by something or someone.