“Anything You Can Do….

….I can do better. I can do anything better than you. No you CAN’T. Yes I CAN! No you CAN’T. Yes I CAN!”

When I saw these two photos, the words of this song from ‘Annie Get Your Gun’, sprang straight to mind. When we were young girls, my sister and I used to really enjoy performing it, and even won a holiday talent competition at the seaside in England.

After breakfast, Mr. Anhinga and Mr. Peli are having a wing-spreading competition. A close contest, but I think you have to agree that Mr. Peli wins the prize.


Not to be left out of the proceedings, Iggy also positions himself to also show off his handsome right profile.  Nice try Iggy, but I think it’s definitely a no contest. Mr. Peli’s regal profile is extremely hard to beat.


I hope I’ve given you a smile on your Monday morning and wish you all a very happy week.

Cee’s FFC ‘Feathers’: Splendour In The Grass

I have so many bird photos, so  the question was “Which ones to choose?” For something a bit different for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, I decided to do a feathers and grass combination.

Here is the elegant Great Egret stalking around amongst the grass stalks, looking for tasty morsels.


The bright blue eyed White Ibis is doing much the same.


Mr. Anhinga shows us how he dries off his wet feathers whilst scratching his back.


Mr. GBH  at his most sinister as he skulks along the shore-line looking for supper.


How beautiful is this Purple Gallinule as he clambers through the marsh grasses on his long legs?


Just a stray bit of grass qualifies this gorgeous Tri-colored Heron to be included in my  post today.


Wishing you all a very happy week.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week we are challenged to post two photos of the same subject, but from a different perspective.

Whilst out for a walk in Florida a few weeks ago, I spotted in the distance, an Anhinga drying its wings in the late afternoon sunshine. He was in the middle of a lake, and it looked as though he was sitting on top of two ducks. They weren’t protesting at all, and were keeping perfectly still, which I thought was rather strange.


Zooming in, all was revealed. The ducks which were actually much too big to be true, weren’t real ones, and were obviously a fixture, as they weren’t moving at all. I can’t for the life of me, think why someone would want to fix two giant plastic ducks in the middle of a lake. Can you? It did make for quite a convenient drying spot for the Anhinga though.


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Mushrooms and Birds

This morning, there was a little rondavel village of mushrooms out on the grass by our lake. The Anhinga drying its wings in the morning sunshine, seemed not to have noticed this new addition to the landscape.


This looked to me like the royal palace, much bigger and grander than the other dwellings.


The rest are smaller, and the smallest ones are quite minute, just humble little cottages.


This afternoon we went for a walk around the Green Cay Wetlands, and having mushrooms on the brain, I looked across into the reeds, and thought I spotted a couple more.


Until one of the white mounds lifted its head, to reveal a Wood Stork, foraging for food.


Of course, we won’t be picking and eating the mushrooms, as I have no idea if they are poisonous or not. It is quite magic though, how they just pop up overnight.

Cee’s FFC: Wondrous finds on an afternoon’s Nature Walk

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”~ John Muir

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week, I have a few pics of the amazing creatures I found on my walk in a Florida nature reserve. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

First up is is the undisputed King of the entire outfit sleeping the day away, oblivious to all his subjects who are going about their daily business, and the stares of us visitors to his kingdom.


These large, juicy fish, are  very wisely keeping well out of his way.


Two Great Blue Herons sit huddled together, sharing secrets.


Baby Anhingas wait impatiently for their afternoon sushi snack,


and their uncle is drying off his wings after a fishing expedition.


Mr Turtle pops his head out to say “Hi.”


The Common Gallinule practices walking the plank,


whilst the White Ibis community just hang out.


The Boat-tailed Grackle with his glossy black feathers, sparkles in the afternoon sun.


Mrs Spider has created a most impressive web to ensure that her fine dining needs are well catered for.


The Tricolored Heron has a reflective moment as he shares his place in the sun with a couple of pond-weed covered turtles.


It’s just another lazy afternoon for this most handsome of fellows, who just has to be the absolute ultimate in ‘Lounge Lizards’.


I saw so many wonderful creatures in nature as I ambled around the boardwalks, and I also kept a look out for the lion which I’d spied on my last visit. He was still there, although I’m sure most visitors walked over him without noticing his cute face peering up at them.


I hope you enjoyed your nature walk with me. To see more entries for Cee’s Challenge, click on the badge below.