Mr Anhinga agrees to a photo shoot

It’s another grey morning here in the ‘Sunshine State’, and this morning, Mr. Anhinga paid his usual visit to my back yard. “How about a photo shoot for my blog?” I asked. “Good idea” he said,  “but be sure to get my best side. I understand that ones left profile is more attractive than the right. So, how’s this?”


“Now be honest with me; is my right side better or worse?”


“Perhaps if I tuck my neck down a wee bit,  to show the softness of my throat feathers, and I’ll also shake out my wings just a little?”


“Now I think I should spread out my glossy black wings, and if we can get just some of that colour in your garden,  for a bit of a contrast.”


All the while this was going on, Mr. GBH stood like a statue, pretending that he hadn’t noticed that he wasn’t the subject of my photos today. ” See if I care!” he muttered with a bit of a sniff, as I disappeared back into the house to have my breakfast.


Have a wonderful Saturday.