WPC Vibrant in Florida

Whatever the time of year, Florida is always vibrant with colour. Here is my most vibrant pic of Mr. GBH in his breeding plumage. Isn’t he splendid!


Even Mr. A can look vibrant when he’s not sleeping his day away in the sunshine.

DSCN3767.jpgMs. Anhinga also has her vibrant moments, and when she decides to burst into song, she looks full of the joys of life. I’m sure she was singing, “Oh what a beautiful morning.”


Yesterday I spotted this vibrantly green Anole Lizard lurking on our patio.


Hubby sent me this photo when he got back to the other house after lunch. The orchid which I’d had in the house here a few months ago, we had tied to one of our palm trees after it had finished flowering. All of a sudden, it has sprung back to life and produced these vibrantly gorgeous flowers.


Then of course, Florida can always be counted on to produce the most vibrant sunsets. The back of our present house faces west, but our new house is north facing, so unfortunately I’ll no longer see the gorgeous sunsets from my kitchen window.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my ‘Vibrant’ Florida images. To see more, just go to this Week’s Photo Challenge.