Thursday’s Special: Three of a kind in San Jose


“Now you must be off. For you shall go to the ball.” ~ Fairy Godmother to Cinderella

This week, Paula invites us to share a photo showing ‘Three of a kind’.

In 2013  we started our tour of Costa Rica in the capital San José. It was already evening, so after booking into our hotel, we went for a walk around the immediate area. There wasn’t really much to see except a few car rental dealers and a couple of fast food outlets, but just happening to glance up at a lighted window above McDonalds and Taco Bell, I spotted something which was in sharp contrast to the dark and dingy street below.


Well maybe like me you’re not going to any ball this weekend, but do have a great one anyway.


WPC: Unexpected in San Jose

Well, here we are in San Jose, Costa Rica. After we’d got settled in our hotel, we went for a walk around the town. It was starting to get dark, so we didn’t have time to go into the city proper. The streets around the hotel were quite disappointing, being lined with car rental places and all the fast food outlets one gets everywhere, but glancing up above the McDonalds and the Taco Bell, I suddenly spotted something most surprising.


These beautiful ball gowns looked quite incongruous, and were totally unexpected in that particular setting.


I couldn’t help wondering who buys these amazing dresses. They’re certainly a bit too fancy to wear for dinner at Wendy’s or KFC. 🙂

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Tomorrow we depart at 6-30 am for  the Caribbean coast, where we will learn about the Banana industry here. We then travel by motor launch down canals, through the heart of the Costa Rican jungle to Tortoguero (The land of turtles), where we will have a tour of the turtle museum. I’m so looking forward to that.

(Our tour guide phoned this evening to say that the hotel we’re staying in tomorrow, doesn’t provide soap or wash cloths, so to take the soap with us from this one. Now, as we’ve taken the option and paid extra to stay in 4 star hotels, I just wonder what our fellow travellers who are staying in the cheaper places will be lacking.  I hope they have toilet paper.) 😕