WPC Trio: A trio of trios

I have a rather eclectic trio of trios for this week’s Photo Challenge.

The first one is of three victorious fishermen in Durban South Africa; hubby, our son Jeff and his friend Josh. Don’t they looked pleased with themselves? The fish look none too happy though, but did you ever see a smiling fish, dead or alive?


Here is a Bolivian mother accompanied by her two children as she ekes out a living, selling food and cool drinks on the street in La Paz, Bolivia.


These three crosses form part of a shrine at the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca.


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WPC Split-Second Story: Been Fishing.

The Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Split-Second Story’, made me think for a while, and I eventually came up with this pic of my son, his dad and a friend, after a day’s fishing  just off the coast of Durban. They returned, jubilant about their success. Every picture tells a story, and this one shows a classic case of ‘Beginner’s Luck’.


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