Feathers On Friday: Pelis in my backyard

´This morning Pelegrino and Pelecia went for a turn around the lake.


They started off at a respectable distance from one another, but soon got a bit bolder and moved in for a tête-à-tête and maybe a quick kiss.


Suddenly they were startled by a call from the trees. “Hey you two, cut it out! No canoodling allowed. You’re much too young to get serious.. ”


They got such a fright that they both took off in great haste and spoiled my photo shoot.


Ah well, as Shakespeare once said, “The course of true love, never did run smooth.”

Wishing you all a great weekend.


Red is for Valentines

On Saturday evening, hubby and I went to a wonderful Valentine’s dinner dance. After walking the red carpet, we entered the foyer which was decorated with, not hearts, but lanterns, and the message “Love….Romance” up in lights.


We had a great evening with delicious food and lots of dancing to a fantastic band.


Who would have imagined that when we threw in our lot together over fifty years ago, that our journey of love would take us from England to South Africa and now to Florida. Something that hasn’t changed over the years, is that I always wear red on Valentine’s day. Today, it’s a red shirt with jeans. Life is strange and wonderful, not to even mention full of surprises. Have you found the same?

Three years ago at a local wildlife reserve, we spotted two love birds wearing red on Valentine’s Day.  I think this pair of Red-Shouldered Hawks were making plans.


Wishing you all a love-filled day today.  ❤



What’s new Buenos Aires?

Our Antarctica cruise ended in the port of Buenos Aires and we looked forward to a few days on land, exploring the city before returning to Florida. We had booked a tour guide to take us to drop our bags at the hotel, and from there he was going to take us on a city tour for the rest of the day.

We started off by visiting the Plaza Naciones Unidas, in the centre of which is ‘Floralis Génerica’, a gargantuan 23m high metal flower revolving sculpture created in 2002 by Argentinian sculptor Eduardo Catalano. This flower blooms daily as its petals slowly open throughout the day and then close up again at sunset.


From there, we did a general tour through the city, ending up at the Recoleta Cemetery which is perhaps Buenos Aires top attraction, if you can think of a cemetery as an attraction. It is actually an astounding place filled with row upon row of impressive statues and marble mausoleums,


each one vying to be the biggest and the most ornate.


Strolling down the ‘streets’, one can occasionally take a peek through a begrimed glass door or window into the crypts and check out the dust-covered, cobweb-festooned coffins.


Here is the last resting place of past Argentinian Presidents, military heroes, Nobel Prize winners, influential politicians and other rich and famous people, the most notable and frequently visited of which is the tomb of  Eva Perón, Argentine’s First Lady from 1946-1952.


My favourite and the most touching was a memorial to a young woman who died when an avalanche struck her hotel in Austria. The tomb was designed by her mother, and the life-size bronze statue of Liliana Crociati in her wedding gown stands outside, above a plaque containing a poem written by her father. When her dog Sabú died, a statue of him standing next to her was added.


So far so good, and we were thoroughly enjoying our tour. We wandered with our guide through the antique district and stopped for lunch at a very old and authentic eating house with an interesting bar.


Then it was back into the car to visit La Boca, a touristy and very colourful neighbourhood.


Our guide stopped the car at the busy taxi drop-off to let hubby and I get out so that he could drive down the road to the car park. As we alighted and hubby was closing the car door, a motorbike screeched to a halt and a young man jumped off the back and attacked hubby from behind, grabbing him by the neck. Hubby managed to pull free and turned around to grab him back; I started screaming ‘blue murder’; our driver jumped out of the car and he and a couple of taxi drivers went for the guy, who lashed out at me, bruising my arm, before escaping empty-handed on the motorbike. It was a very traumatic experience indeed and for the rest of the day, as you can imagine, I was continually looking over my shoulder, not trusting any strangers to be near me. We’re not sure why he grabbed hubby round the neck, but maybe he was feeling for a gold chain. Some people carry their money purse on a cord hidden under their shirt so it could have been that. Anyway, after the mugging incident in Chile at Puerto Monte, and now this one in Buenos Aires, we have decided that South America is a ‘no go’ for us in future. We lived in South Africa for over forty years and have traveled the world, but have never had anything like this happen to us before. It’s very sad that there are such criminals who can ruin their country’s reputation as a great tourist destination. There wasn’t a policeman in sight, and when our guide drove down the road to the carpark, he spotted a police car parked in the shade, away from all the action. He walked over to report to them what had just happened to two of his clients and found them playing on their iPhones. He reprimanded them and told them that their main concern should be to watch out for the safety of visitors to their city.

We still had two more days in Buenos Aires, and thankfully there were no more unpleasant incidents, but as you can imagine, I felt uneasy walking the streets and we were extra vigilant. I do have some more photos which I’ll share with you very soon.

Hope your week is going well. We had a really stunning sunset here last night.




Home again..jiggety-jig

Well, it’s so great to be back home again after over a month away. I have so many photos to sort through, as you can imagine.

First things first, though. My backyard was all safe and sound and a few of the regular critters have put in an appearance. Sammy squirrel has been scurrying around, but not staying long enough for a photo opportunity. I’m very tempted to reinstate the birdfeeder. Even if it’s against the rules, I’m sure that Sammy would be very much in favour.

Daisy, Danny and Deidre duck have been doing regular tours of the lake. The cute threesome seems to be inseparable for the moment.


Mr. GBH has been hovering around his favourite fishing spot, and presented a very elegant profile this morning.


Igasho who is still bright orange has taken to hanging out in the trees, stretching himself out along the branches. Such a lazy life!


We have many pelicans inhabiting and whitewashing the trees along the lakeside. This one seemed to have quite a lot to say for himself.


Although it’s winter here in Florida, we are having really sunny and warm weather. It’s so nice to be back living in a postcard.


I will do my best to visit you all before the end of this week.Hope everything is well with you.








Wordless Wednesday: When I look into your eyes…

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an alligator in our pond, but this one at our local nature reserve had quite a hypnotic gaze.


Happy Wednesday to you all. Only six more sleeps until we fly off to Chile to join our Antarctic cruise.

Macro Moments: Sammy is back!

I hadn’t seen this sweet little creature since we returned home, but at breakfast this morning, Sammy decided it was her turn to sit on the rock outside our kitchen window, which is so often occupied by one of the Iggy family.


Wishing you all a really good week.

To participate in Susan’s macro challenge, just click this link.




6 Word Saturday: It’s looking a bit like Christmas

We won’t be home for Christmas, as for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration, we’ve booked ourselves on a Patagonia and Antarctica cruise which leaves from Valparaiso in Chile, ending in Buenos Aires Argentina. We leave here for Chile on December 13th, and arrive back home on 15th January. It’s all very exciting, although I think I’m going to find myself a bit out of my comfort zone as we trek through snow and ice during the seven days of our ‘Antarctic Experience’. We do get free Parkas, and are renting special boots. I’ve also opted for walking poles even though hubby kindly said that I could hold onto him.  I really don’t want us both landing up in an embarrassing heap on the ice in front of our fellow passengers.

I decided that I needed to make our home look just a bit Christmassy for the couple of weeks we’re still here, so bought a tree for the front porch.


In our entrance hall, is a granite top which seemed to lend itself to my display of Santas and the Christmas bells which I’ve collected over many years. As you may notice, the renovations aren’t quite finished, but we’re getting there.


Wishing you all a splendid weekend.


Wild Bird Wednesday: Mr. Peli is back


One lone pelican has arrived here for the winter.


I guess he just flew faster than the rest of his mates. Last winter we had quite a few of these gorgeous birds roosting in the trees alongside our lake. I’m sure the rest of the pod are on their way.


Wishing you all a splendid Wednesday.