Bench Series #46 In Sherwood Forest

After thinking I had nothing for Jude’s Bench Series this month, I found two more benches with messages, this time from our visit to Sherwood Forest, haunt of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood.

The first one just has a bit of graffiti which is quite indistinct. I really wonder what compels people to scribble on things that don’t belong to them. I can’t see any rude words though.


This one has a notice attached.


I must have know that Jude was going to want to see it, because I took a closeup.


This must be John Lackland who came to the throne after King Richard. He ruled England from 1199 to 1216. He may have liked neither his brother King Richard I, nor the outlaw RobinĀ  of Loxley, but John wasn’t liked by many people either.