What goes on in a ‘Bird Brain’?

On Saturday afternoon, I spotted a Great Blue Heron sitting on a branch, looking down at the dead one floating in the water.


He stayed very still for quite some time taking in the scene below him, before eventually flying away.


Last year at the Green Cay Nature Reserve, a Great Blue was standing motionless as if guardingĀ  the remains of another, absolutely undettered by the hoard of people taking photos of the pitiful scene.


It made me wonder if birds do mourn their dead, just as we do. How little we know about the ‘inner lives’ of animals. I was just reading a fascinating review of a book by award winning environmental writer, Carl Safina ‘Beyond Words…..what animals think and feel’. It really sounds like an interesting read. I also found an engrossing article on Wiki about Bird Intelligence, which sheds some light on the subject.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Our dinner with friends last night was sublime; delicious food and great conversation. Happy Monday to you.