A very happy day

Here are a few pics from our day out yesterday to celebrate hubby’s birthday. First stop was for lunch at ‘The Grand Lux Cafe’ in Boca. This restaurant has really elegant decor, a huge menu to choose from, as well as great service Hubby toasted his 71st with a very welcome ice-cold ‘Samuel Adams’. IMG_7551 My choice was a White Sangria with Pinot Grigio, Champagne and Fresh Fruit. IMG_7552 We decided to snack on shared starters and small plates. These mini pizzas were so delicious. IMG_7556 Followed by crab cakes and double-stuffed potato spring rolls. As you can see, we were on a really healthy diet. 🙂 IMG_7560 We were longing to try the cheesecake, but had absolutely no room for it. Maybe another time. Then it was time do do a bit of shopping, and hubby treated himself to two pairs of shoes, which is quite a rare occurrence. In the car, we had a phone call from our son and the three littlies who all wanted to wish granddad a happy birthday at the same time. They are just the cutest little trio. The two girls have taken up art lessons after seeing granny’s painting. Taylor of course had to paint a cat in her first lesson. She has this thing about cats, even though at home, they only have a dog. I think she did a really good cat. IMG_7525 Well, it’s time to get down the suitcases and start decided what to leave behind and what to take. I may not have so much time to pop in on your blogs, as we leave on Tuesday evening, and have a lot to do before then. Today hubby is over at the other house, painting walls and door frames. He has to make up for having the day off for his birthday. He’s booked our flights on Virgin, and found a super beach front apartment for us to rent for our month’s stay in Umhlanga Rocks. It has sea views from every window. We’re so looking forward to our trip, and a week tomorrow we’ll be picking up our daughter and going off up the hill to see my mom. Wishing you all a splendid weekend.

It’s my Birthday and I’ll Blog if I want to.

“No woman should ever be quite accurate about her age. It looks so calculating.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Hands up if you remember this song sung by Lesley Gore in 1963. Well, if you danced to this as a teenager, then you’re probably about the same age as me.

I was going to take my special day off, but changed my mind. After all, what’s a day without just a little bit of blogging? Yesterday, my darling sister prepared a very special birthday lunch for me, and invited a few friends to help me celebrate. When we arrived, the table was all set and looked really festive. (I’ve just noticed, looking at the pics, that the table mats, cake decorations and the top I was wearing, all happen to match. How’s that for co-ordination?)


She had made delicious prawn cocktail starter, followed by a classic Beef Stroganoff with rice and delicious roasted vegetables. Dessert was Crème Brûlée, which was absolutely sublime, and then came the crowning glory; her gorgeously decadent Cleopatra Chocolate Birthday Cake. You have to taste this to believe it. The topping is pure, undiluted, melted chocolate.


It had only one candle, which wasn’t too difficult to blow out, except that the people taking photographs kept making me laugh, so it took a while.


The conversation around the table was both lively, and at times, totally hilarious, and we all had so much fun. Today is my actual birthday, and we’re going to have ‘High Tea’ again at The Oyster Box Hotel. My sister will be joining us too. I’m so excited with my birthday present from hubby, which is three of her Gustav Klimt style paintings, some of which which I showed you the other day for Ailsa’a Travel Theme. They will be lovingly packed up with the rest of our furniture and have pride of place in our house in Florida. He also bought me some potent-sounding anti-aging cream, which I’m hoping is a miracle in a jar. I have lots of other lovely pressies, including from my daughter, a night for two in an ocean terrace room at the gorgeous ‘Oyster Box Hotel’, a spa manicure and pedicure from my son, and various edible and inedible treats from friends. Last night I had a long Skype conversation with the family in New Jersey, who all sang “Happy Birthday to Granny.” So very special.

Now, you’ll have to excuse me if I disappear for a while to make the most of my special day. This coming weekend, we move out of our home and into the one we’re renting for the month of August, so I may not be around quite as much as usual for the next few days, but I’m sure I’ll find time to do a couple of posts in between all the packing. Have a great week.