Home again, jiggety jig.

How could I abandon you all for so long!!?? I felt somewhat bereft without my laptop, but  our visit up north was so packed full of activities that we barely had a spare moment to  catch our breath.

There was of course the birthday party for little Taylor which spilled over two days. First at home, with a pool party for friends and parents.


The cake was HUGE and tasted really delicious. I ate quite a big piece, and still had room for salmon, steak, shrimp, salads and ‘Keenwah’ which is apparently the latest health fad up in NJ.


The following day there was another party at the local Gymnastika just for the kids. The foam pit was very popular,


as were the pizza, macaroons and cupcakes afterwards.


We attended Taylor’s school talent show, where she got stage fright at the last minute. She was all set to sing ‘Castle on a Cloud’ from Les Mis, but couldn’t go through with it when she saw all the people in the audience, even with dad there to hold her hand.


Sienna proudly showed us her ‘Potato Clock’ exhibit at the school Science Fair.


She also had a part in a kid’s musical ‘Milan’, which was excellent. She’s the one in the middle. The only problem was that we were seated directly behind the grandparents of the girl who had the lead role, the girl in the white dress, and the whole family were busy videoing the entire show, so I had to peer around their cameras the whole time.


We all went to ‘Build a Bear’ and Max got a dog,


whilst Taylor chose a rainbow bear named ‘Sweetie Pie’.


On Thursday night we went to see Chris Isaak in concert at the Wellmont Theatre. He was amazing and was on stage for the whole show which lasted for almost three hours. My favourite song of his is ‘Wicked Game’. How many of you remember that big hit from 1989?


On Friday, Hubby and I visited the One World Trade Center and Observatory Tower, which I’ll show you pictures of in a later post. Then it was sadly time to come home again.


Before we knew it, we were back in Florida.


Hubby of course is back to work on the house renovations, and after I’ve done the laundry and food shopping, I’ll do my best to catch up with you all over the next couple of days. Hope you’re having a great week.