Word soon gets around

Today I celebrate my birthday, and it seems that my ‘Backyardigans’ had somehow got wind of the fact.

Most of the Iggy family turned up to say “Have a happy day.” I never saw so many of them in one place before. It was a real delegation.


I felt so honoured that Mr. GBH popped by yesterday for an early wish. I would have loved a selfie with him, but he didn’t want to share the glory.


Mr. and Mrs. Beakley came with their young brood, and gave the order, “Bottoms up!” which I thought was very appropriate.


Cheeky little Sammy peeping around the tree trunk, said “Hi…..Happy Birthday to you…… and BTW, when are you going to replace that bird feeder which I managed to destroy?”


I’ve been thoroughly spoilt by my family and friends and now I’m giving hubby the rest of the day off to take me out for lunch and shopping.

Hope you all have a great day too.

Happy Birthday Jeff

It’s thirty-eight  years today since my precious baby son was placed into my arms, and it was certainly love at first sight. Now he’s a father of three and has a sweet son of his own.


We’ve had so much fun together over the years, and made some fabulous memories. So on this special day, the Mummy’s mummy wishes him a very happy year.


May you always find space to grow,


and never be daunted by new challenges.


You know that life can be a beach,


but for the most part, it’s really grand.


May all your wishes come true,


and also some of your wildest dreams.


May the music of life be always playing in your head, and may you find yourself in harmony with all you meet.