Pairs in Nature for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

I thought I’d stick with Nature for Ailsa’s Travel Theme ‘Pairs’.

This morning, just across from my bathroom window, Lennie Limpkin and Iggy spent a long time chatting together


Here’s a demanding pair of juvenile Anhingas, both vying for mom’s attention.


A pair of lovebirds. Mr. GBH whispering sweet nothings into his lady’s ear.


The Black-Bellied Whistling Duck says, “It’s no good telling me that they’re too big. This is the only pair I have.”


Wishing you all a happy week. To join in with Ailsa’s Travel Theme, just click the link.


‘Your Feet’s Too Big’.

Most of the water birds I see here in Florida, really make me smile. How cute is this little Black-bellied Whistling Duck, but don’t you think his feet look a bit on the large side?


Where did my title come from? Enjoy this throwback to the Golden Age of Jazz, as Fats Waller sings, “Your Feet’s Too Big.”

Happy weekend to you all.