Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Ssh…….Don’t tell Grandma!

Whilst visiting hubby’s 101-year-old mom in England, his sister and her standard poodle came to stay for a couple of nights, and passing her bedroom door in the afternoon, this is what I saw.


Lucca had installed herself on the white duvet, and was fast asleep. Her own dark brown doggie bed on the floor just wasn’t good enough for this lady. She’s not as old as grandma, but I’ve read that oneĀ  year of a human’s life is equivalent to seven years of a dog’s life, which would make Lucca quite elderly, so I think she deserves a regular siesta on a comfortable bed, don’t you?


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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A friendly skirmish on the Chinese Rug, for Michelle’s Pet Challenge

After Sunday lunch at MiL’s house in England last week, little Pippa decided she wasn’t getting nearly enough attention, so decided to do her ‘Whirling Dervish’ act in the middle of the rug.


This display alerted Lucca, who rushed in to watch the spectacle. She got jealous of Pippa being the centre of attraction, so challenged her to a fight. “Okay, you’re on,” said her little sister.


Then the fun began, as they tussled and tangled in the most friendly manner.


The action was fast and furious, and it was hard to tell who was winning, but Pippa is a very brave little dog who really believes that size doesn’t count.


After a while they both got bored and decided to call it a day. Pippa thought the birds on the feeder outside were far more interesting, and Lucca went off to chase squirrels in the back garden.


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