In the jungle the mighty jungle

Well, here I am in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica. On Saturday morning, we were up very early for the two and a half hour coach trip through mountains and national parks, from San Jose to the Caribbean coast. When we stopped for breakfast along the way, we paused to say “Hola” to this cute little fellow, the tiny Blue Jeans Poison-Dart frog, so called because it looks like he’s wearing cool denims.


This humongous Sable tree, made me feel very small indeed.


For many miles, the road was lined with banana plantations. Costa Rica exports more than 2 million tons of bananas a year.


There was also an abundance of Papaya trees.


Arriving at the port, we boarded our waiting motor launch which was to take us down the Suerte (Lucky) River to Tortuguero (Land of Turtles) in Limon Province.


On the way, we saw a boat just like ours and full of tourists who were being transferred to a rescue boat. Their boat had apparently hit a log and was sinking, so the skipper had run it into the reeds where the water was shallow, until help arrived.


Another one seemed to be having engine trouble,


and this one was long past redemption.


We stopped along the way to admire this Common Basilisk lizard, also known as the ‘Jesus Christ’ lizard, because of it’s ability to run on water.


The male has a high crest on his head and back. They grow up to two and a half feet long, and can run up to 7 mph.


Arriving at the Evergreen Lodge, we docked here, and were greeted by very friendly and helpful staff.


Our little chalet on stilts was waiting for us,


and our room was bright and welcoming.


Last night I had an ice cold shower, as our primitive bit of plumbing is at the end of the line for the hot water, and others must have used it all up. The wash basin has only a cold tap, and the water pressure leaves much to be desired. Frank, one of my faithful followers, will be pleased to know that although there’s no soap or face cloths provided, we do actually get toilet paper. 🙂 I was awakened at 2 this morning by torrential rain beating down on the tin roof. There are no windows, just insect netting, so every sound from the jungle can be clearly heard. The Howler monkeys are the loudest animals, and their harsh , rasping howls can travel for three miles through the dense jungle.  As I write this,  I can hear a million insects out there, as well as the croaking of tree frogs and the calls of the night birds. Every so often, I’ll be startled by a bit of tree branch falling onto the roof. There are so many mosquitoes here, and my all over perfume of the moment is ‘CVS Insect Repellent’. I can thoroughly recommend it, as I haven’t been bitten yet, which is most unusual for me.

We’ve been kept so busy with boat rides, beach walks and hikes through the jungle, that I haven’t had time to visit your blogs. I have so many pics, and so much to tell you, when I get the chance. In the morning we leave to go back to San Jose, and then we have another ten days of touring to look forward to. I am missing you all, and will visit as soon as life returns to normal.