Afloat in Belize

The WPC this week is “Afloat,” so I decided to share my rather scary trip in an open boat just off the coast of San Pedro, Belize. Hubby is a keen scuba diver, and this is the only time I’ve accompanied him in the dive boat. The night before, he showed me the boat we’d be going out in, just to reassure me. It looked quite comfortable, and I agreed to go, thinking that I could sit under cover and read my Kindle whilst he was doing his thing under water.


When we arrived the following morning, it turned out that as the weather was so nice, we were actually going in this much smaller open boat, which was a bit out of my comfort zone.


As we zipped through the waves at great speed, the skies began to darken and it looked like a storm was brewing, but there was no going back now. By the time hubby and the other two divers left the boat, the rain was teeming down, and I could hear ominous sounds of  thunder.


The divers disappeared under the water, so then it was just the captain and I. As the rainfall got heavier, and the boat heaved and tossed in the waves, I got a really good soaking. I knew there was going to be no reading done that morning, so I stashed my bag in one of the lockers, and prepared for the long wait. I have to admit that I was rather apprehensive and not a little worried, as I’ve never been out at sea in such a small craft, and now as I look at the photos, I’m wondering why, as a non-swimmer I wasn’t wearing a life jacket. It obviously never occurred to anyone that it might be necessary.  Much to my relief, the storm passed, the rain stopped and the sun came out, just as hubby and his dive buddies reappeared.


I got my photo taken with ‘Jack Sparrow’ (you can see how drenched I was), and off we sped back to the shore. My hat blew off  on the way, and was afloat on the ocean waves, but the gallant captain insisted on chasing and retrieving it. It was quite an adventure, but one which I’m not sure I would want to repeat.


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Azure Blue Waters of Ambergris Caye for ‘Cee’s FFC’.

I have such wonderful memories of our trip to Belize early last year. We flew into Ambergris Caye from Belize City, and from the plane, we were so excited when the island, surrounded by the azure blue of the Caribbean, came into view.


This Belizean island is only about twenty five miles long and one mile wide, and is edged by white sandy beach, with mangrove swamps in the centre. One of the main attractions is the ‘Belize Barrier Reef’, which is the second largest in the world, after the ‘Australian Great Barrier Reef’.

We stayed in San Pedro, which is the only town on the island. Have a look at my gallery, and then tell me if it looks like paradise to you.

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