Colourful La Boca Loca

Our Antarctica cruise ended in the port of Buenos Aires, and some of you may remember my post recounting the mugging incident as we were dropped off in La Boca. I found it quite difficult to enjoy the rest of the afternoon, as I was looking over my shoulder most of the time. Hubby is made of sterner stuff, though and got some photos of this very colourful historic area.

El Caminito, meaning ‘little walkway’ is now a street museum.


The houses are made of tin, and I was told that this is what the old houses were constructed from, because the people were very poor and had to use whatever materials they could lay their hands on. The mismatched paint colours were of necessity, as they were just using up any leftover paint they could get cheap.


The ‘papier mâché’ residents peered down at us from the balconies.


The murals at eye-level were really rather surreal.



Many small shops offered souvenirs and local artists’ work for sale,


although I’m afraid that even the Pope couldn’t lure us inside to buy.


This little sidewalk cafe looked quite inviting, but our guide was in a hurry to get us out of there and on to the next place.


Although La Boca is very kitsch and tourisy, some of the artwork is really pretty.


On our way back to the car, we saw a mural which looked to be a tribute to brave firemen.


We passed by more shops and restaurants. The tango theme was around every corner.


Then it was back to the market where hubby’s attempted mugging took place. I was by this time, very hot and tired and dying to get in the car’s air conditioning.

DSCN4159 Finally, it was time to leave La Boca and head into the city with its faded grandeur.


Arriving at our hotel safe and sound, was quite a relief.  We had been up very early for disembarkation from the ship, and our tour had been 8 hours long. I collapsed onto the bed, worn out after so much walking in the heat of the day, and was mildly amused to see that we were now expected to practise Argentina’s national dance. Not happening!


There will be more posts from our trip when I find the time to look through the photos.

Hope your Tuesday is going well.



A Lucky Black Cat On Friday 13th

Here we are in Buenos Aires. Across from our hotel room is a very sad-looking abandoned building. I wonder who painted this colourful cat, high up there. The sight of it certainly brightened my day.


Happy weekend to you all. We’re almost at the end of our month-long trip, and I’m so looking forward to getting home again. See you all next week.