Garden Close-Ups: Sammy Squirrel Does The Leopard Crawl

This month, Jude is asking us to ‘get a little closer’ for her ‘Garden Photography Challenge’.

Did you ever see a squirrel doing the ‘Leopard Crawl’? Sammy seems to have perfected the art.


The only time I tried this was when we were living in Johannesburg. After a particularly strenuous aerobics class at the gym, I was so zonked that I couldn’t remember the code to switch off the burglar alarm when I arrived home, so I tried leopard crawling down the passage to avoid the security beams. If I could just manage to get to the main bedroom, I would be able to quickly switch it off at the box inside the closet. I almost made it, but not quite, and suddenly there was a loud wailing of sirens. The security company sent out a car to investigate and I was so flustered standing at the door still wearing my lycra gym outfit, that I still couldn’t remember the code. I was really mortified that I had to phone hubby  at work to vouch for me. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Hope you’re all having a splendid Thursday.