B&W Sunday: Diagonals Out In Nature

Paula’s B&W challenge ‘Diagonals’, asks us to to think about the role of lines in photography.

Out walking in nature at the Green Cay Wetlands, I came across many diagonals.

I’m always on the look out for Leo the lion on the walkway, and he was still there.


Along the boardwalk, the red-winged blackbird was trying his best to hide from view.


This leaning, dead tree is quite an artistic piece……. don’t you agree?


Mr. Anhinga was perched on another tree stump.



A very snooty-looking Anhinga with his nose in the air, really looks well against the background of all those diagonal palm fronds.


From a distance I thought this was an alligator on a log, however on closer inspection it turned out to be just a log on a log, but I’m sure you can also see the resemblance. PLEASE say that you can. 🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed all my diagonals. Happy Sunday to you all.