Ephemeral pleasures to savour

“…beauty consists of its own passing, just as we reach for it. It’s the ephemeral configuration of things in the moment, when you can see both their beauty and their death.”  ~ Muriel Barbery


“Life is made up of moments, small pieces of glittering mica in a long stretch of grey cement.” ~ Anna Quindlen – A short guide to a happy life


Life wasn’t meant to be lived in a rush, so we must savour even the smallest of pleasures.


Our allotted time here on earth is just as ephemoral as a glorious sunset. We can’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we can live life to the fullest, simply by appreciating every fleeting pleasure.


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Floral Friday Foto: Tulips, both droopy and fresh.

Our daughter’s tulips were looking decidedly droopy and over the hill when we left to go shopping this morning. The weather here is well over 30C, and by the time we returned, there were petals all over the kitchen top, so I had to put them in the trash.


I decided to surprise her with a fresh bunch when she gets home from the office. Do you think she’ll believe me if I tell her that I managed to revive them?


The weekend is here, so be sure to………


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