WPC Refraction: A Touch of the Blues

This weeks Photo Challenge is ‘Refraction’ and my first thought was to look for photos of rainbows, but as I posted most of them on my Victoria Falls post last week,  I had to think again.

Off the coast of the beautiful Isle of Capri, is the Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra), where the sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining up through the seawater, is refracted onto the rock walls, creating an intense blue reflection which magically illuminates the whole cavern.


The only entrance into the grotto, is through a 1.5m hole in the cave wall, barely large enough to admit a small rowing boat. The occupants have to lie down, and in my case, I had a rather large lady squashing me very flat against the bottom of the boat. My recently purchased white linen shorts and shirt would never be the same again. It was worth it though, to see this truly wondrous sight.

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