WPC: My Local Beach

Here I am back at my ‘local’ beach in South Africa for a few weeks. Since I last posted, we’ve spent time in London, then visited our daughter in Johannesburg, and now we’re happily ensconced in our beachfront apartment with a view. Umhlanga Rocks is the seaside town we called ‘local’ for fifteen years.


It seemed like we’d never been away, when on our early morning walk, the iconic red and white lighthouse came into view.


There were fisherman on the rocks and cargo ships waiting to go into port, just as there always were.


A prayer meeting of huddled worshippers was in full swing, their voices clearly audible above the sound of the crashing waves.


The familiar sight of the pier with it’s whale-bone shaped arches, really made me feel  nostalgic.


Looking down at one obviously very dedicated sunbather, was quite a ‘sight for sore eyes’ as my Granny used to say. Hubby told me that his scanty swim suit is what is known as a ‘Budgie Smuggler’, which made me laugh out loud.

FullSizeRender-6 2.jpg

As we wended our way home for breakfast, the sky had turned a gorgeous shade of blue, and my favourite lighthouse in all the world was looking its very best.


So, no Iguanas or Sammy squirrel here to show you, although I have seen a couple of local monkeys around. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some photos if they stay still for long enough.

Wishing you all a very happy weekend. Tonight we’re meeting my sister and her husband for dinner at one of our local restaurants.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016


WPC: Floating Containers and Packing Boxes

Every day when I look out of my bedroom window, I see container ships full of cargo. Sometimes they seem so close that I feel I could reach out an touch them. Well maybe, not quite, but our neighbour’s son and his friends could certainly  swim out to it. This one is empty of containers, judging by the height of the Plimsoll Line above the water.


It was quite hazy this morning, so some looked quite ghostly. I hope those containers are well secured. They look very close to the edge.


The Anuket Amger is an oil and chemical tanker.


The Min Rui is a general cargo ship from Hong Kong. I wonder what it’s bringing into Durban Harbour. Most probably cheap clothing, which tends to last for only one season.


These ships can sit motionless for days on end. We have regular strikes here, so the port is often very congested.


At the present time, I’m more concerned with a different sort of container. These have started sprouting up in one of the bedrooms.


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