Ancient Stones for Cee’s B&W Challenge

This week’s topic for Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge, is ‘Older Than Fifty Years’.

I think this pile of huge stones on the southern side of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall England, really qualify. The Neolithic ‘Trethevy Quoit’ stands in the middle of a field next to a small housing estate on the moor. It’s made up of five large standing stones which support a massive capstone.


This megalithic tomb stands 9ft tall and is known locally as ‘The Giant’s House’. The quoit which probably served to mark a community grave, was originally covered by a grassy mound, and is believed to have been erected between 3700-3500 BC, so it’s pretty old. Now I would like to know how those stones which must each weigh several tons, were brought here, and then precisely positioned without the use of cranes or modern machinery. Do you believe in the ancient art of levitation?


To join in Cee’s challenge, click the link below.  Hope you’re having a great weekend. Tonight is dinner out with four new friends. Just as well, as our kitchen is still very much under construction.