Mischievous Squirrel for Ailsa’s Travel Theme

Almost every day, I see two mischievous squirrels chasing one another up and down the palm trees in my backyard.


Usually they’re much too quick for me to get a photo, and are gone again before I’ve had time to grab my camera. Yesterday one of them decided to play a trick on his friend, and raced around the corner of the house to hide behind the barbeque. This was when I got my chance for a quick snap, as squirrel #2 came down the tree and appeared baffled as to where his playmate had disappeared to. He stood still for a few seconds, trying to work it out, which gave me just enough time to capture the mischievous look on his sweet face, before he scampered off in search of his playmate. You can almost see his little mind working away, can’t you?


Wishing you all a splendid weekend, and do try to stay out of mischief. 😉

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