Hey there, you with your nose in the air!

Mr. GBH isn’t around much these days, but yesterday I spotted him across the water, looking very snooty indeed


Lenny and Linda Limpkin paid him no mind, as they foraged around in the shallows for apple snails, their favourite hors d’oevre.


Back on land, a smaller version of Ignatia was exploring our defunct water feature, which will one day be restored to its former glory when hubby has finished with the inside of the house.


It’s little sightings like this which rather puts me off doing any gardening. I don’t fancy reaching down to pull up weeds, and accidentally shaking hands with something green and scaly.


What would be your thoughts on this? Would you be keen for a close encounter of the iguana kind?

I’m linking this post to Jude’s ‘Wildlife in the Garden’ challenge. If you have wildlife in your life, just pop along there and post your link.