My roof’s got a hole in it and I might drown.

Finally, last week, the roofing contractor started work on replacing the roof of our house in Florida. When we were looking to buy a house there three years ago, we saw this one and really liked it.

7884 Bridlington 2

Unfortunately it was a bank repossession, and to negotiate to buy it would have been a very long term thing, so we bought another house instead. This house had been abandoned by the owner, because he couldn’t afford to get the roof repaired after it was damaged in a hurricane. Three years later, just before we left to come back to South Africa for six months, we learned that it was still standing empty, and that the bank had, in the meantime, turned down a couple of offers on it. We decided to try putting in an offer to purchase, and to persevere until we got the bank to sell to us. Of course, by this time, the roof was in a much worse condition; some of the ceilings had collapsed, and the poor house looked quite a wreck inside.


It was the wonderful view from the lounge which really waved to us.


In May, after lots of haggling over the price, we were overjoyed to hear that the bank had finally decided to accept our offer. Of course, the first thing to do once we got possession, was to organise to get the roof replaced. We chose a contractor and hubby got all the necessary permits sorted out, but because of torrential rains, the roofing guy only managed to complete the other jobs he had, last week.

We were so excited when he sent us a message to say that he had actually started work on ours, and he sent us a few photos of the progress.

The clay tiles are being delivered today, so the job should soon be completed and we can heave a huge sigh of relief. I’ll no longer have to sing this song every time I look at the weather for Florida, and see that it’s raining again. 🙂

WPC: Threes…….A once desirable residence

The Weekly Photo Challenge, this time asks us for a three picture story.

We went to view a house for sale today. It has been abandoned by the owner, and has stood empty for three or four years. The location is wonderful and the house is much bigger than our present one. It has great potential but as you will see from my three photos, it needs rather a lot of work and TLC, as well as a new roof, new ceilings, bathrooms, kitchen and flooring, etc.. You name it, it needs replacing.

This is the front entrance.


The water leaks have caused some of the ceilings to collapse.


It does however have a stunning view, so we’re considering what offer to put in.


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