Feathers on Friday: Daisy Duck

Mrs. Beakley was out paddling with her brood of ducklings. Sweet Daisy got left behind, and I shot her……with my camera of course. 🙂


Happy weekend, everyone.

6 Word Saturday: Danny and Daisy in Reflective Mood

Hope you’re all having as relaxing a weekend as Danny and Daisy duck. They always look so content and peaceful.



Six Word Saturday: Life and death on the pond

I was out scouting for a bit of wildlife this morning. The reflections in the water were so pretty, sort of like a Monet painting.


The only neighbours I could see, were Danny and Daisy duck, who seem to spend all day floating around together. They always look so peaceful and contented.


Looking over to my left, I suddenly saw something strange floating in the water.


Oh dear, there looks to have been a murder committed. It could be the Tricolored Heron, or even the Great Blue.  I wonder which of the other residents is responsible for the crime. One less beautiful bird to photograph. 😦


Hope you’re having a great Saturday.