Two Guest Stars Plus Two Dozen Extras

The stage is set for the bird theatre show. The two guest stars are Woody wood stork and Mr GBH the great blue heron. Ms Anhinga on the right has a small suppotting role, whilst the ducks are just extras when needed and chorus-line dancers if they can get their act together in time, which at the moment doesn’t look very hopeful.


Hope this gave you a midweek smile. Happy Wednesday everyone.


Safety in Numbers. Companions for Sue’s Word a Week Challenge

Our dear little ducks have been missing since we got back here to our home in Florida, and I was thinking that the alligator had perhaps eaten them all. At the weekend I was so happy when they decided to put in an appearance on the lake. The members of this little group, look very companionable, and the one bringing up the rear, seems to be on lookout duty. (Click on image to enlarge.)


I found some interesting info about ducks on this ‘PETA’ site, which says that ducks are very sociable and happiest when they’re in larger groups of other ducks. These groups are called ‘Paddlings’, which I think is rather cute. They swim around together in shallow water looking for food, and then snuggle up together with their fellow ‘paddlings’ at night.

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