One Word Sunday: Bridge

Debbie’s ‘One Word Sunday’ this week, is ‘Bridge’.

Here are some bridge travel memories from our visit to London last year. The photos were taken from London Bridge, one of the many bridges which span the River Thames. The original bridge was a wooden construction, built by the Roman founders of London in 50AD. I wonder what they would think of it now.


The iconic Tower Bridge, officially opened in 1894 is one of London’s most famous landmarks.


In the other direction is Cannon Street Railway Bridge, which was opened in 1866. This bridge carries trains on the Southeastern line over the River Thames to Cannon Street Station.


Looking at these photos makes me long to be able to travel again. We were just chatting on the phone to our daughter in South Africa and to Chris’s mom in England, and saying how we can’t wait to be able to see and hug one another.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

Pull Up A Seat And Enjoy

For XingfuMama’s ‘Pull Up A Seat Challenge’ this week, I’ve chosen seating for welcome refreshments.

Afternoon tea was very welcome when we visited my Mom-in-law the week before her 106th birthday.


Hubby enjoying his morning coffee out on the balcony at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga. Our daughter had treated us to a night’s stay there for Father’s Day.


The locals enjoying the outside eateries in Xi’an,


Mint tea being served to the tourists in a house just outside Marrakech.


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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Ssh…….Don’t tell Grandma!

Whilst visiting hubby’s 101-year-old mom in England, his sister and her standard poodle came to stay for a couple of nights, and passing her bedroom door in the afternoon, this is what I saw.


Lucca had installed herself on the white duvet, and was fast asleep. Her own dark brown doggie bed on the floor just wasn’t good enough for this lady. She’s not as old as grandma, but I’ve read that one  year of a human’s life is equivalent to seven years of a dog’s life, which would make Lucca quite elderly, so I think she deserves a regular siesta on a comfortable bed, don’t you?


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

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One Hundred And One Years Young Today.

Today, it’s my darling Mom-in-law’s 101st birthday. Kathleen Letitia was born August 4th, 1913. Since I first met her, almost 50 years ago, she has been a source of great inspiration to me. I really think that she must have found the secret of eternal, if not youth, then well-being. She has obviously aged, but in the most graceful and elegant way. I do remember, not long after hubby and I were married, being shown some old family photos. Looking at her wedding photo, I exclaimed, “Oh, but you look younger now than you did on your wedding day!” It was of course meant as a sincere compliment, but after I’d said it, I suddenly realised that she could easily have taken it the wrong way. After all, a bride on her wedding day is supposed to look the most radiantly beautiful that she ever will. Well, I needn’t have worried, because this darling lady, then well into in her 50’s, looked so delighted, and simply answered, “Oh, do you really think so dear? Thank you so much. That’s very kind of you to say so.”

Here she is, the belle of the ball at eighteen.

Kathleen at 18 in 1931

At twenty.

Kathleen age 20 in 1933.

Her marriage to Clifford in 1934.

12 Kathleen and Clifford's wedding 1934

Having fun, in her back garden in 1934.

11. Kathleen full of fun   1933

See how wonderful she looked on her 90th birthday, as she was about to serve up her delicious home-made Pavlova dessert.


Of course last year’s 100th birthday was a very special celebration, as she got her telegram from Queen Elizabeth.

Kathleen Shaw cutting her 100th cake

This happy, positive, and very active 101-year-old, still lives by herself in a two-storey house. and is up and down stairs several times a day. She wins scrabble competitions, knits beautiful hats, mittens and blankets for needy children around the world, bakes delicious cakes for local charity cake sales, and has a mind a sharp as a razor. I really hope to be just like her if I’m fortunate enough to live to such a great age. Happy 101st Birthday to a really wonderful woman.

I’m still up to my neck here in moving house, but I just had to make time to pay tribute to our family treasure.




Thursday’s Windows: A Dreary Day Train Ride in London.

London is renowned for its grey skies and drizzly weather. Our ride from the Hatton Cross underground tube station to the Westfield Mall on a very cool day in March, was very uninspiring.

Pulling out of the cold and cheerless station.

Pulling out of the cold and cheerless station.

Even on a sunny day, the view from the train windows isn’t exactly sparkling, but on this day, the sky was a very pale grey, and promised rain.

The houses are so close to the railway line, but I suppose one must get used to the noise after living there for a while.

The houses are so close to the railway line, but I suppose one must get used to the noise after living there for a while.

Many of these Victorian three storey houses have been converted into flats. Property prices in England are really crazy nowadays, and a five-bedroom terrace house in the greater London area, can cost about £2 million, with a one room studio apartment around £200,000. It’s not surprising that there’s been a rise in the number of ‘stay-at-home’ grown up children, and that the two family home is the fastest-growing type of household in the UK.


Almost at our destination, here are more windows, and also, as an added bonus, a peek at some very British chimney pots.


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