Alli-Baba is back on patrol.

We haven’t seen this guy for months, but yesterday, Alli-Baba made an appearance in our backyard. Silently, he glided past our house on his way home.  Boy, do we feel so much safer now, knowing he’s out patrolling our area?!


Almost back at his watery lair, where maybe his lady wife was making supper. “Honey, I’m home!”


Wishing you all a great week.


Wordless Wednesday:Anyone for a Selfie?

Mr. A caused quite a bit of excitement and interest, but they did stop short of getting a selfie with him, although at one point, I could see that the bravest of these guys was sorely tempted. Happily, he resisted the temptation.

DSCN6941Happy Hump Day to you all.

Mr. A sings “All By Myself.”

“All by myself
Don’t want to be all by myself anymore
All by myself
Don’t want to live all by myself anymore.” ~ Eric Carmen

Some individuals are destined to live a lonely life, and it seems that Mr. A falls into this category. Just yesterday he spotted two friendly looking Common Gallinules standing chatting on the grassy bank. He swam up alongside, thinking he could perhaps join in the lakeside gossip. “Uh-oh!” said the one Gallinule to his friend, “I think we’d better continue this conversation elsewhere.”


Miss Anhinga also wasn’t any too keen to engage Mr. A in small-talk, and took off in a great hurry, as he hauled himself out of the water.


“Well that was a great deal of effort for nothing,” mumbled Mr. A through his sizable teeth. “Some folk can be downright unfriendly. I’m never going to get to know the neighbours at this rate. Ah well, I may as well just rest here for a while in the sun, while I get my breath back.”


Two hours later he was still there, snoozing away, dreaming of becoming the most popular ‘Badass’ on the lake. Being an alligator is such a lonely life, and it seems that nobody wants to be his friend. All together, say “Aah, but he’s such a sweet guy!” Just look at that smile.


As I type this, he’s stretched out there again, just wishing and hoping for some friends to come play with him.

Have a great Monday. 🙂


Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Surrounded by liquid.

I took this photo from my backyard a couple of days ago. Mr. A did seem rather close to the bank, but as long as he remains surrounded by ‘liquid‘ and I’m on dry land, I feel quite safe. I’m going to miss him while we’re away.


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Too close for comfort

We’ve had quite a lot of rain here lately, and the exposed sand bank where Mr. A enjoyed his sunbathing sessions, is now submerged. Looking across the pond yesterday, hubby called to me, “What’s that on the grass over there?”


It could have just been an Anhinga drying its wings, but on closer inspection, it turned out to be Mr. A who had somehow hauled himself out of the water and plonked himself down right in the neighbour’s backyard.


I couldn’t see his head, but estimate him to be 10-12 feet long. Talking to my friend yesterday evening, she told me that they’ve recently had two alligators removed from their immediate area, and gave me a number to call, but reading this article, I don’t think I’d have the heart to report Mr. A, knowing that he’d be taken away to be turned into “meat and hide.” What do you think?