Feathers On Friday: Mr. GBH is ruffled

Usually so sleek and smooth, even Mr. GBH can have a ‘bad hair day’. Somehow he still manages to look absolutely gorgeous, so maybe this is just the newest fashion in bird coiffure.


Wishing you all a relaxing and peaceful weekend.


Wordless Wednesday: Let’s Go Our Separate Ways

Yesterday, the always alone Woody wood stork, seemed to have finally found a friend. “Hey beautiful, how about a date this evening?”


Ms. Wilma wood stork, although quite flattered by his attentions, decided that he wasn’t quite handsome enough for her, besides which, her mother had warned her not to talk to strangers.¬† She replied as she stalked off, “Thanks but no thanks, Woody. You go your way and I’ll go mine.”


Nice try, Woody, Better luck next time.




Travel Theme: Four Brown Pelicans

Four Brown Pelis perched up high in the swaying branches.


I’ve often marvelled at how they keep their balance and even manage to sleep standing on a branch. Surely it must be exhausting having to hold on so tightly so as not to fall. Well, apparently their talons have a pulley system of tendons so that the bird’s foot closes and grasps automatically as the ankle and knee joints are bent. They can only release their grip once the limb is straightened, so instead of having to expend energy holding on for dear life, as we humans would if we were clinging to a branch, a bird’s magical system simply locks their talons in place. How cool is that?

Have a great Sunday. If you want to see more ‘Fours’, just visit Ailsa’s Travel Theme here.





Butt I caught a HUGE fish!

Ozzy Osprey went fishing this morning and got first prize. “Pardon my butt view whilst I gobble down my sushi breakfast.” It certainly wasn’t Mr. Bass’s lucky Monday.


The fish looks almost as big as he is, but Ozzy isn’t sharing.


Wishing you all a peaceful and successful week.



Bubo the owl is back

Yesterday afternoon, I looked out of my bathroom window and apart from a couple of Iggys, there was nothing much to see.


I had a strange feeling that I was being watched, and peering up into one of the palm trees, I spied Bubo the Great Horned Owl, sitting on the same branch that I saw him on last week. I see that his horns have grown quite a bit.


His fancy name is ‘Bubo Virginianus’, and these owls can grow to almost two feet tall. Another name for the Great Horned Owl is the ‘Tiger Of The Sky’, probably because of the stripes. This morning, he was still there, and when I opened my blind he was looking right at me. I no longer believe hubby when he tells me that no-one can see into my bathroom from outside. Young Bubo really had me in his sights, even from 30 feet.


I was curious to find out whether owls eat iguanas, and read that they are one of the iguanas’ natural enemies, and will eat hatchlings and juveniles. Maybe Bubo is going to save us from becoming overrun by these green critters with the long claws. .


Wishing you all a very happy Monday and an awesome month of August.



Wildlife Obstacle Course for Jude’s Garden Challenge.

Hubby knows all about Jude’s ‘Wildlife in the Garden’ challenge this month, and yesterday whilst he was putting up ceiling boards in the living area, called me to come quick because there were two ‘Pigeons’ outside. Now, I wouldn’t normally get excited about seeing a couple of pigeons, but to humour him, I grabbed my camera and was just in time to see them turn their backs on me. They were actually Doves, and were obviously not keen to have their photo splashed all over WordPress.


Looking around for more interesting wildlife, I spotted a Snowy Egret by the water’s edge.


As I traipsed through the undergrowth, I almost tripped over Ms. Igua who was contemplating going for a swim.


I think she was looking to escape from her admirer Mr. Iggy, who’d been ogling her from a nearby bush and was now hot-footing it over.


By the time he got there, she had plopped into the water and he was left with only Snowy Egret to chat up. What a blow!


Excitement over, I walked back to the house and was just in time to see a flying lizard. I didn’t crop out the tear in the insect screen, because I didn’t want to fool¬† you into thinking that we really do have flying lizards here. That definitely would be wildlife overload, wouldn’t it?


Happy Monday to you all from a very warm and sunny, blue-skied Florida.





‘Your Feet’s Too Big’.

Most of the water birds I see here in Florida, really make me smile. How cute is this little Black-bellied Whistling Duck, but don’t you think his feet look a bit on the large side?


Where did my title come from? Enjoy this throwback to the Golden Age of Jazz, as Fats Waller sings, “Your Feet’s Too Big.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzu0hG9qr5k

Happy weekend to you all.