B&W Sunday and Mundane Monday Macro in the garden

Jithin over at ‘Trablogger’ hosts the ‘Mundane Monday’ challenge, and this week, Paula’s  ‘B&W Sunday’ challenge is ‘Delicate’. When I look out of my bathroom window to see if Sammy is around, I always spy what looks like a small tuft of dried up grass stuck to the trunk of one of the palm trees. After googling it, I now know that it’s an air plant called Tillandsia.  These strange plants which require no soil, have no stems or roots, and with leaves that really don’t look like leaves at all,  are related to the pineapple family. It might look delicate, but is actually very hardy and survives well without water,  absorbing moisture  and nutrients from the air. I think that although it may be somewhat mundane,  it’s rather beautiful.


I’m also linking this to Jude’s ‘Get a little closer’ garden photography challenge.


Wishing you all a great week. Hubby has just returned from Home Depot with another load of timber……….more sawdust to sweep. How mundane is that?