Monochrome Palms and Crystal Ball

In February, Jude is looking for Monochrome images which should be loosely garden related.

Here are the palm trees in my back yard. When converted to monochrome, they take on a quite different look.


Whilst on the subject of palms, how do you like my Valentine’s present from hubby?


To make it “loosely garden related”, I photographed it with a bit of my Christmas Cactus showing, a flower on my scatter cushion and a gorgeous metal butterfly ornament. I’ve always wanted a crystal ball, and he found this one on eBay and bought it as a surprise. Now, if someone annoys me, I can really ‘tell them their fortune’.  If you cross my palm with silver, I’ll even tell you yours. 🙂

Wishing you all a very good week. It’s back to the packing for me.