Great Blue Heron mourns his mate

I saw a really sad sight on entering the Green Cay Wetlands a few days ago. A Great Blue Heron was standing guard over the remains of another one who had evidently met an untimely death. There were dozens of people on the boardwalk taking photos, but he just remained absolutely motionless, looking so distraught and disheveled. I felt really sorry for him, as he was obviously grieving and didn’t want to leave his mate.


I wonder what happened. Maybe an alligator.

Another of my ‘Backyardigan’ birds

Often seen pecking around our backyard, is the White Ibis. He rarely stands still, and always looks as though he’s on a mission.


Sometimes they appear in a large group, but strangely enough, only on a Saturday. It must be a very good day for bugs in the lawn, but I wonder how they know what day of the week it is.


I’ve even had one come knocking on my window. Maybe he was just admiring his reflection, but that beak looks rather wicked, so I pretended I wasn’t in and just shot him through the glass.


Happy December to you all, and have a great week.