Would Igasho’s Orangeness Get Your Vote?

Question: When is a green Iguana not green? Answer: When he’s orange, of course!


Do you think he’s been eating too many of these tangerine-coloured fruits which fall off the palm trees?


Or maybe, he’s been a bit overly free with the spray tan, which could account for his Trump-orange jowls.


Just a bit of Thursday fun. 🙂 Hope yours is a good one.






Wordless Wednesday:Anyone for a Selfie?

Mr. A caused quite a bit of excitement and interest, but they did stop short of getting a selfie with him, although at one point, I could see that the bravest of these guys was sorely tempted. Happily, he resisted the temptation.

DSCN6941Happy Hump Day to you all.

Rest In Pieces poor little Lizzie

Mr, Great Egret is a regular visitor to our backyard, and is often seen perusing next door’s Monstera Deliciosa to see if there are any delicious bugs to be snaffled up.


Our cute little Lizzie lives on the insect netting around our lanai, and we’ve got so used to seeing her there. Sometimes she gets stuck between the netting and the glass, and hubby opens the door to free her. She eats all the insects that congregate there, so really earns her keep.


Yesterday, I looked out of the window and saw that Mr. Egret appeared to have something wrapped around his beak.


On closer inspection through my camera lens, I saw poor little Lizzie struggling to get away, but alas, she was no match for that beak, and is now no more with us.


She really should have stayed closer to home instead of venturing out to the garden. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I’m going to miss her. Rest In Pieces, poor little Lizzie.